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ISSN: 2083-4373     eISSN: 2545-3181     DOI: 10.18276/ais
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Lista wydań / 3/2019 (27)

Rok wydania: 2019
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Separate regulations on defects in a declaration of intent to enter into marriage, as distinct from general provisions of the Polish Civil Code

16 (7-22) Małgorzata Balwicka-Szczyrba Więcej

Ownership and property in communist Civil Codes of Czechoslovakia

16 (23-38) Petr Bělovský Więcej

The institute of representation in the civil process of Russia: trends and development prospects

13 (39-51) Natalya Andreevna Chudinovskaya Więcej

Impact of changes introduced to the Polish election law in 2018 on the process of preparing and conducting elections

26 (53-78) Tomasz Czapiewski, Rafał Miszczuk Więcej

Religious instruction in Polish public schools in light of universal and European standards

20 (79-98) Michał Kasiński Więcej

Citizens’ resolution-passing initiative

15 (99-113) Ewa Koniuszewska Więcej

Delegating members of the supervisory board of a limited liability company to act in the management board

19 (115-133) Paweł Lewandowski Więcej

Reimbursement of the expenditures from the joint property of the spouses on the real estate constituting personal property of one of them – is it possible to extend the exceptions to the retention right

16 (135-150) Dominika Mróz-Krysta Więcej

The legal nature of resolutions of the governing bodies of companies and their challengeability in the light of the provisions of Polish law

16 (151-166) Aleksandra Sikorska-Lewandowska Więcej

Division of the joint property of spouses – partners in a registered partnership and shareholders in a limited liability company

21 (167-187) Robert Słabuszewski Więcej

Unity of civil law and the legal regulation of commercial companies – selected issues

15 (189-203) Monika Tarska Więcej

Commentary to the Supreme Court resolution of 20 september 2018, I KZP 5/18

12 (205-216) Adam Wróbel Więcej