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1. Adeyinka Niyi-Odumosu Faatihah,
Odumosu Shakrullah Adeniyi,
Olufunmilola Leah Dominic,
Olusegun Olanrewaju Timothy,
Seidina Iliasu Yakubu
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2. Ahcene Ahmed,
Mokrani Djamel,
Benzidane Houcine
A study of the cognitive level and some basic skills in basketball among secondary students according to gender and intelligence variables Vol. 27, No. 3/2019 12 (5-16)
3. Ahmetov Ildus I.,
Egorova Emiliya S.,
Mustafina Leysan J.
The PPARA gene polymorphism in team sports athletes Vol. 1, No. 1/2013 6 (19-24)
4. Ajibua Alayode,
Onanuga O.A.
Supportiveness of university physical environment on undergraduate students’ participation in leisure-time physical activity in south-west Nigeria Vol. 32, No. 4/2020 12 (85-96)
5. Akarçeşme Cengiz Is it Possible to Estimate Match Result in Volleyball: A new Prediction Model Vol. 19, No. 3/2017 13 (5-17)
6. Ambroży Tadeusz,
Nowak Mateusz,
Omorczyk Jarosław,
Wrześniewski Krzysztof,
Ozimek Mariusz,
Duda Henryk,
Mucha Dawid,
Ceranowicz Piotr,
Pałka Tomasz,
Stanula Arkadiusz,
Mucha Dariusz
Effect of Variable-Intensity Running Training and Circuit Training on Selected Physiological Parameters of Soccer Players Vol. 23, No. 3/2018 11 (25-35)
7. Aracely Enríquez del Castillo Liliana,
Cervantes Hernández Natanael,
Candia Luján Ramón,
Flores Olivares Luis Alberto
Body composition analysis according to the exercise modality in adults with obesity: Pilot study Vol. 34, No. 2/2021 9 (87-95)
8. Arazi Hamid,
Ghanbari Ehsan,
Zarabi Leila,
Rafati Forough
The Effect of Fast, Light and Favorite Music on Physiological Function and Physical Performance of the Male Athlete Students Vol. 17, No. 1/2017 8 (33-40)
9. Ateş Osman,
Keskin Burcak,
Bayraktar Bulent
The Effect of Acute Creatine Supplementation on Fatigue and Anaerobic Performance Vol. 19, No. 3/2017 8 (85-92)
10. Atiković Almir,
Kalinski Sunčica Delaš,
Petković Emilija,
Čuk Ivan
The Differences between Teams in Men’s and Women’s Medallists and Non-medallists at the 1996–2016 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics Tournament Vol. 18, No. 2/2017 9 (89-97)
11. Banio Adrianna Sports Dance and the Process of Socialization Vol. 9, No. 1/2015 6 (85-90)
12. Banio Adrianna Influence of Rehabilitation on Health of Ballroom Dancers After Sports Injuries Vol. 14, No. 2/2016 9 (63-71)
13. Banio Adrianna The Influence of Dancing Activities on Women's Self-Image Vol. 21, No. 1/2018 5 (49-53)
14. Bednarek Justyna,
Pomykała Sylwia,
Bigosińska Monika,
Szyguła Zbigniew
Physical Activity of Polish and Turkish University Students as Assessed by IPAQ Vol. 16, No. 4/2016 10 (13-22)
15. Bentkowska Magdalena Pro-health Behaviours in Time Budget of Ex-cyclists Vol. 25, No. 1/2019 16 (73-88)
16. Bergier Barbara,
Gawlik Krystyna,
Baj-Korpak Joanna,
Stępień Ewa,
Pocztarska-Głos Agata,
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Szepeluk Adam
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17. Bergier Józef,
Bergier Barbara,
Tsos Anatolii
Diversity of Nutrition among Male and Female Ukrainian Students Vol. 16, No. 4/2016 9 (23-31)
18. Bergier Józef,
Wojciechowski Leszek
Physical Fitness of Prison Officers Vol. 24, No. 4/2018 11 (45-55)
19. Bergier Michał,
Bergier Barbara
Level of physical activity among persons from Independent Cultural Centers according to the IPAQ classification Vol. 36, No. 4/2021 8 (37-44)
20. Betlej Gabriela,
Kwiatkowska Aleksandra,
Bator Ewelina
The Modulatory Effect of Physical Activity on APE1-Mediated Telomere Length and Stability; A Narrative Review Vol. 28, No. 4/2019 10 (97-106)
21. Biernat Elżbieta,
Lubowiecki-Vikuk Adrian
Socio-Demographic Determinants of Leisure Time Physical Inactivity of Adolescents from the Voivodships of Central Poland Vol. 17, No. 1/2017 10 (41-50)
22. Błaszczak Agnieszka,
Dołowy Ewa,
Muszyński Siemowit
Emotional State in Relation to Physical Activity Among Older People Vol. 25, No. 1/2019 10 (63-72)
23. Bojkowski Łukasz,
Eider Jerzy,
Śliwowski Robert,
Wieczorek Andrzej
Analysis of the Longest Distances Run by the Best Soccer Players at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014 Vol. 11, No. 3/2015 7 (145-151)
24. Bojkowski Łukasz,
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Wieczorek Andrzej
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25. Bolach Bartosz,
Walowska Jagoda,
Chabraszewska Paulina,
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Bolach Eugeniusz
Possibilities of using outpatient physiotherapy in the process of rehabilitation of people with degenerative disc disease in the lumbosacral spine Vol. 36, No. 4/2021 10 (27-36)
26. Bolach Bartosz,
Walowska Jagoda,
Bolach Eugeniusz
Impact of physiotherapeutic procedures on the treatment of damaged rotator cuff muscules of the shoulder girdle Vol. 27, No. 3/2019 7 (17-23)
27. Bolach Bartosz,
Seidel Wojciech,
Mrozkowiak Mirosław
Rating training load of disabled swimmers in general preparation sub-period Vol. 31, No. 3/2020 7 (87-93)
28. Bonisławska Iwona,
Drobnik Paweł,
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Pogorzelska Małgorzata,
Tomaczkowski Leszek
Physical Education Lessons and Primary School Students’ Free Time Vol. 10, No. 2/2015 8 (79-86)
29. Borkowski Jacek,
Hebisz Rafał,
Sodolska Daria,
Zatoń Marek
The Use of Gross Efficiency Coefficients in Cyclists’ Endurance Tests Vol. 12, No. 4/2015 6 (36-41)
30. Borysiuk Zbigniew,
Piechota Katarzyna
Case Study: The Exercise Profile of a Polish Representative in Mountain Running Vol. 5, No. 1/2014 11 (35-45)
31. Bradford Brent D.,
Howorko Adam,
Jacula Erinn,
Daniels Jason,
Hunt Shaelyn,
Correia Nicole
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32. Brazaitis Andrius,
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The Fan Lifestyle on the Example of Soccer Fans Vol. 15, No. 3/2016 14 (71-84)
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The Effects of Warm-up Duration on Cycling Time Trial Performance in Trained Cyclists Vol. 17, No. 1/2017 9 (5-13)
38. Bunn Jennifer A.,
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Key Kinematic Components for Optimal Basketball Free Throw Shooting Performance Vol. 36, No. 4/2021 11 (5-15)
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Evaluation of the Psychological and Hormonal Parameters in Paragliding Vol. 34, No. 2/2021 9 (15-23)
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Effective Skill Refinement: Focusing on Process to Ensure Outcome Vol. 7, No. 3/2014 17 (5-21)
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44. Chadwick Lydia,
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Quantifying the Physical Demands of Small Sided Games in Rugby Union: Contact vs. Non-contact Vol. 26, No. 2/2019 9 (5-13)
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