Studia Językoznawcze : synchroniczne i diachroniczne aspekty badań polszczyzny

ISSN: 1730-4180     eISSN: 2353-3161
CC BY-SA   Open Access 

Lista wydań / t. 8, 2009
Wzorce niewerbalnych zachowań komunikacyjnych w XIX wieku (na podstawie kodeksów obyczajowych)

Rok wydania:2009
Liczba stron:13 (153-165)
Autorzy: Elżbieta Umińska-Tytoń
Uniwersytet Łódzki


The article describes typical language behaviour, which was recommended in savoir-vivre handbooks from the 19th century. On the base of chosen customs codes, which include above mentioned savoir-vivre advices, the author describes the patterns of non-verbal behaviours, that either accompany or even replace the verbal communication. All the basic types of non-verbal communication- visual, auditory and kinesthetic has been analyzed. The article proves that the moderation and restraint are common in all typical language behaviours. We can observe this not only in indications themselves but also in their forms and argumentation used in them.
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