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Lista wydań / t. 28 2016
Rekreacyjna wartość Tatrzańskiego Parku Narodowego

Autorzy: Zbigniew Piepiora

Magdalena Ewelina Godlewska
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:12 (267-278)
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We used two methods: travel costs (TC) and contingent valuation (CV) to calculate the recreational value of the Tatra National Park (TPN). We conducted the study using a survey executed in three attempts: field work, railway and online. The TPN recreational value amounted to 25 152 million zł (TC) and 12 947 million zł (CV). The averaged value of TPN (from the valuation of two methods) amounted to 19 049 million zł. Comparing the annual stream of recreational benefits of TC with the valuation carried out in 2001 by M. Giergiczny, we noted that this value has more than doubled. This is due to the relationship of prices from 2001 until 2016 and a significant increase in interest in the Tatra National Park. Over the nearly 15 years the number of visitors to the park each year has increased by approx. 800 thousand. After adjusting for consumer price index, it turns out that the value of stream of benefits that annually brings TPN nearly doubled. Translated by Zbigniew Piepiora
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