Problemy Transportu i Logistyki

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Issue archive / nr 1 (33) 2016

Year of publication: 2016


Aviation and logistics are two fields of knowledge combined into a coherent whole – aviation logistics. This combination is not only natural, like the relationship between the service provider and the customer, but also due to a number of common features of aviation and logistics activities. Aviation is an activity which is based on advanced technology, perfect organization of work, and cooperation of aviation organization with its environment. Similarly, in the case of logistics, the organization of work and cooperation are the determinants of success in activities, while the new technologies implemented in logistics enhance the capabilities and dynamics of executing tasks. Aviation logistics deals with a wide spectrum of issues in striving to create the most favorable conditions for safe, timely and effective action. The area of interest of aviation logistics includes technical problems relating to the construction, maintenance and operation of airport infrastructure relating to the technical aspects of the operation of aircraft and advanced support equipment. Aviation logistics undertakes significant problems in the scope of organization activities and management concerning the functioning of logistics structures, cooperation with aviation organizations as well as the system environment of aviation and logistics. An important issue for the quality of operations and development of aviation logistics, which is of interest to theoreticians and practitioners, is the formal and legal considerations forming the basis and framework for activities. The authors of the articles presented in this publication demonstrate the effects of scientific inquiry made in different areas. The research work conducted by the authors focused on tasks strictly in the field of practices of aviation logistics, e.g. the maintenance and repair of airports, the use of technical equipment and information tools or the execution of transportation. At the same time, as a necessary complement to the whole picture of aviation logistics, scientific research was undertaken concerning the theoretical issues. The historical conditions, statistics as well as formal and legal issues examined by the authors constitute the completeness of this monograph, giving logistics activities an excellent theoretical basis.

Elżbieta Załoga

Scientific editor


# Title Page range Authors Actions

"Business case" activities in aviation. Evidence from research at Katowice Airport

8 (7-14) Andrzej Fellner More

Risk of probable incidents during railways transport

9 (15-23) Sarka Hoskova-Mayerova, Olga Becherova More

Statistical analysis of passenger traffic at the Chopin Airport

9 (25-33) Justyna Tomaszewska More

Analysis of the aircraft accidents occurred in units of the Polish Air Force Academy in the years 1970–1994

9 (35-43) Jarosław Kozuba, Marek Kustra, Justyna Tomaszewska More

The airline industry in 2050

13 (45-57) Tomasz Balcerzak More

Analysis of external sources of hazards in civil air operations

13 (59-71) Katarzyna Chruzik, Karolina Wiśniewska, Radosław Fellner More