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Właściwości inwestycji w gospodarstwach położonych na obszarach Natura 2000

Autorzy: Antoni Mickiewicz

Bartosz Mickiewicz
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:14 (227-240)
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The study analyzes the problematics of undertaken actions related to the creation of the Nature 2000 network and the range of payments in the Rural Development Programs. Poland, implementing the habitats’ directive and the birds’ ones (2004) designated Nature 2000 sites, which are important factors in natural environment protection. In the rural development programming (2007-2013) Natura 2000 program was realized with use of agri-environment payments. In the current long-term financial perspective (2014– 2020) there were pointed special actions related to investments in farms located in Natura 2000. In accepted in RDP 2014-2020 action associated with investments in Natura 2000 areas, there was directed support for farmers with less intensive livestock production. The amount of support is 50% of eligible costs, and for young farmers is 60%. The maximum amount of aid granted to a single beneficiary and to one farm was set at 200 thous. PLN, for investments -500 thousand. PLN. In the RDP 2014–2020 there were allocated funds in total amount of 39,1 mio. PLN for investemnts in farms located in Nature 2000 areas, what was 0,4% of total budget. Translated by Bartosz Mickiewicz
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