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Rules of Reviewing

1. The reviewing procedure is subject to the guidelines of the Polish Ministry of Science and National Higher Education.

2. Each scientific paper shall be reviewed by two independent reviewers.

3. Scientific papers submitted for a review shall not feature the names and affiliations of their authors.

4. The list of reviewers shall be published in every issue of «Acta Biologica».

5. Only the academics who obtained the qualification of habilitation or the rank of a professor may be appointed as reviewers.

6. Reviewers cannot be affiliated to the same research centre which the authors of the submitted scientific paper are affiliated to or the research centre center responsible for publishing the journal (University of Szczecin); reviewers from outside Poland are preferable.

7. Reviewers shall be selected by topical editors who shall take into account the renown of a reviewer and the concurrence of the reviewer's field of research with the subject of the scientific paper to be reviewed.

8. A potential reviewer shall receive a request for a review together with the title and abstract of a scientific paper. Having agreed to write a review, the reviewer shall receive a review form and the scientific paper in the form of a Word document file.

9. Both reviews shall be submitted to the topical editor who shall transfer them to the author(s) of the scientific paper together with the reviewers' notes.

10. The authors shall send to the topical editor their answer to the reviewers' notes.

11. The topical editor shall decide whether the scientific paper is to be published or re-reviewed.

12. If two negative reviews are submitted, the scientific paper shall not be published. In exceptional cases, well justified by the author(s) of the paper, the topical editor, having consulted the managing editor, may request for a re-review of the paper by other reviewers.

13. If one negative review is submitted, the topical editor, having consulted the managing editor, shall decide whether the article shall be published or re-reviewed by yet another reviewer.

We guarantee rapid reviewing process. Because of electronic submission we can guarantee within four months authors will be informed about acceptation or rejection of the manuscript. The journal-print-looking electronic version (in PDF format) of accepted manuscripts should be available in three months after final acceptation.

Reviewers list

Recenzenci/Reviewers 2017

Ralf Bastrop –University Rostock (Germany),

Sergey Buga – Belarussian State University (Belarus),

Oleksandr Puchkov – Institute of Zoology NAS (Ukraine),

Zdeňka Svobodová – Czech Medical University (Czech Republic),

Horst von Bannwarth – Universität zu Köln (Germany),

Fedor Ciampor – Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovakia),

Giedre Visinskiene – Nature Research Centre (Lithuania),

Jacek Międzobrodzki –Jagielonian University (Poland),

Michał Węgrzyn – Jagielonian University (Poland),

Beata Krzewicka – Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland),

Sead Hadziablahovic – Environmental Protection Agency (Montenegro),

Robert Kościelniak – Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie (Poland),

Katarzyna Wojdak-Maksymiec – Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny (Poland),

Robert A. Stefansson – West Iceland Nature Research Centre (Iceland),

Menja von Schmalensee – University of Iceland (Iceland),

Izabela Gutowska – Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny (Poland)


Recenzenci/Reviewers 2016

Vladimir Pésič – University of Montenegro (Montenegro),

Diana Goertzen – Technical University in Brunswick (Germany),

Ferincz Árpád – Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary),

Leszek Jerzak – University of Zielona Góra (Poland),

Zbigniew Kasprzykowski – University of Natural Sciences and Humanities  in Siedlce (Poland),

Irena Bosiacka-Baranowska – Pomeranian Medical University (Poland),

Izabela Gutowska – Pomeranian Medical University (Poland),

Róbert Arnar Stefansson – West-Iceland Nature Research Centre (Iceland),

Zbyšek Karafiát – Stanice Pavlov o.p.s. (Czech Republic),

Maria Drapikowska – University of Life Sciences in Poznań (Poland),

Horst von Bannwarth – Universität zu Köln (Germany),

University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (Czech Republic),

Zbigniew Celka – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland),

Harry Smit – Naturalis Biodiversity Center (The Netherlands),

Andrzej Krzysztof Siwicki – Uniwersity of Warmia and Mazury (Poland),

Michał Stosik – University of Zielona Góra (Poland),

Joanna Mytnik-Ejsmont – University of Gdańsk (Poland),

Józef Mitka – Jagielonian University (Poland),

Beata Krzewicka – Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland),

Michał Węgrzyn – Jagielonian University (Poland)


Recenzenci/Reviewers 2015


Jörg Böhner – Freie Universität Berlin (Germany),

Brendan Kavanagh - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Ireland),

Vladimir Pésič – University of Montenegro (Montenegro),

Witold Kowalik – University Maria Curie-Skłodowska (Poland),

Anas Cherqui – Maître de Conférences Universitaire (France),

Maurice Hullé – Université Rennes (France),

Maciej Skorupski – University of Life Sciences in Poznań (Poland),

Grzegorz Gabryś – University of Zielona Góra (Poland),

Joanna Śliwowska – University of Life Sciences in Poznań (Poland),

Jana Moravcikova – Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology (Slovakia),

André Laroche – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Canada),

Krystyna Piotrowska-Weryszko – University of Life Sciences in Lublin (Poland),

Piotr Rapiejko – Allergen Research Center (Poland),

Oleg Aleksandrowicz – University in Słupsk (Poland),

Andrej Matalin – Moscow State Pedagogical University (Russia),

Horst von Bannwarth – Universität zu Köln (Germany),

Mirosław Parafiniuk – Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin (Poland),

Danijela Stešević – University of Montenegro (Montenegro),

Hiroshi Abé – Nihon University (Japan),

Alireza Saboori – University of Tehran (Iran),

Sonia Bouhachem – Entomologiste Laboratoire de Protection des Végétaux INRAT (France),

Danka Petrovic – University of Montenegro (Montenegro,

Zdeňka Svobodová – University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Recenzenci/Reviewers 2014


S. Czachorowski – University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland),

R. Trusch – Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe (Germany

D. Dapkus – Lietuvos Edukologijos Universitetas (Lithuania),

M. Chadzińska – Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland),

H. von Bannwarth – Universität zu Köln (Germany),

Z. Svobodova – University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (Czech Republic),

V. Pesic – University of Montenegro (Montenegro),

P. Martin – Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany),

P. Košúth – University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (Slovak Republic),

 A. Klimek – University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz (Poland)


Recenzenci/Reviewers 2013


G.W. Krantz – Oregon State University (USA),

Hiroshi Abé – Nihon University (Japan),

Uri Gerson – Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel),

Mohammad Bagheri - University of Maragheh (Iran),

Igor Dovgal – Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology (Ukraine),

Benjamin Price – Natural History Museum (Great Britain),

Pierre Tillier – Ministery of National Education (France),

Vladimir Pesic – University of Montenegro (Montenegro),

Lars Hendrich – Zoologische Staatssammlung München (Germany),

Serban Proches  – University of KwaZulu-Natal ( South Africa),

Alain Migeon – Centre de Biologie et Gestion des Population (France),

Malihe Latify – Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan (Iran),

Joerg Boehner – Free University of Berlin (Germany),

Richard Baker – University of Leeds (Great Britain),

Zachery Staley – University of Western Ontario (USA),

Victor Frossard – Laboratoire Chrono-Environnemen (France)