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Lista wydań / 1/2014
Humanistyczny wymiar środowiska sportowego – na podstawie badań własnych

Autorzy: Jan Czechowski
Słowa kluczowe: relacje osobowe samowychowanie grupa sportowa wartości sportowe humanizm w sporcie
Rok wydania:2014
Liczba stron:19 (123-141)


The sports environment has its specifi city, values, particularities, nature.Humanistic to fi nd his dimension it is possible in values which in world of sportwill matter greatly both in the life of individual competitors, sports clubs andsocieties, and in very sports idea, recreation, tourism. In hereby drawing up weanswered questions: how does the specifi city of living in the given sports grouplook?; what values are characteristic of individual sports circles?; what negativefeatures which are destroying the humanistic element of sport, are lettingnotice in certain sports groups themselves?; what methods can turn out to beeffective in humanizing sports circles? At the work a phenomenological methodwas applied, which most generally including the thing to the honest examineddescription phenomena, a hermeneutic method, a thanks are being get of whichfor application it is possible to get to know meanings of collected contents andthe method of the diagnostic survey into the solid way along with technicians ofholding talks, interview, conducting a survey. Examined persons it: PE teachers,athletes, coaches, academic teachers AWF and students of directions the physicaleducation and sport - altogether 180 persons. Getting to know the value,action and attitudes which are current in sports circles, was a main purpose ofthe work and which are deciding on humanistic character of sport.
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