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Principles of accepting texts for publication

Articles should be sent online to the email address:

Deadline for sending articles – May 31st of the year when the issue that contains the article is to be published.

Authors will be informed of accepting their article after it has been reviewed.

1. The Editorial Office accepts texts in German and English.

2. Texts should be written by authors on their own, should be the result of their own research and should not be published anywhere before [originality declaration to download – .doc ].

3. Texts should be also in conformity with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education concerning prevention against ghostwriting (authorship or co-authorship not revealed, texts written to order) and guest authorship (adding to the list of authors individuals whose contribution to the text was null or insignificant). The Editorial Office reserves the right to demand that the author signs a declaration of the barrier against ghostwriting [ghostwriting declaration to download – .doc ]. All the detected cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship will be made public and the appropriate institutions will be notified (authors’ employers, academic societies, associations of academic editors and the like).

4. The Editorial Office reserves also the right to demand that authors sign a declaration on financing sources of their texts, contributions on part of research institutions, societies and any other contributors [finacial disclosure declaration to download – .doc].

5. Texts should meet the formal criteria and follow the editorial instructions.

6. The editorial board does not charge any fees for related to the publication of the texts.

7. Authors hold their full copyright and publishing rights without restrictions. 


ALL Declarations to download

Structure of the text


  • First name and surname of the author (top-left corner).
  • Affiliation.
    • If the author is not employed at a university, under the author’s surname the place (s)he is from;
  • Email address and ORCID number.
  • Title of the article (in Polish and in English)
  • Keywords (maximum 5–7 words or phrases in Polish and English).
  • Contents of the article.
  • Summary in Polish and English (maximum an A4 page). The summary should deal only with the contents of the article. It should also include, concisely presented, the results of the analysis that has been conducted, the main conclusions arrived at and the methodology used.

Editorial requirements

Principles of preparing texts by the author

License agreement

Style of quotations