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synchroniczne i diachroniczne aspekty badań polszczyzny

ISSN: 1730-4180     eISSN: 2353-3161
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Lista wydań / t. 12, 2013
Językowa autokreacja i autoprezentacja. O sposobach przejawiania się felietonowego „ja” (na przykładzie Miastówki Agaty Passent)

Autorzy: Monika Olkowska
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Słowa kluczowe: stylistyka felieton językowa autokreacja i autoprezentacja
Rok wydania:2013
Liczba stron:19 (133-151)


The purpose of this article is to study (based on the feature articles by Agata Passent) the ways of showing “myself” in a feature article in the context of creative character of communication efforts by journalists. The material has been excerpted from feature articles by Agata Passent published in “City Magazine” between 1998–2002 which appeared in a book titled Miastówka. In my dissertation about language structure of feature “myself” I decided to use two terms: language autocreation and language autopresentation which, in my opinion, infl uence the modal frame of a feature article, regarded as some “myself” talking to some “yourself” in some purpose. Those terms allowed to build an illustration of feature subject in form of certain image of “myself” as well as to point out on formal level the means of expressing of feature “myself”.
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