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Lista wydań / 5 (2014)
„Jedes Wort ist eine Übersetzung“: Zsuzsanna Gahses experimentelle Vermittlungen zwischen Sprachen, Medien, Gattungen und Kulturen

Autorzy: Dorota Sośnicka
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Słowa kluczowe: comparative literature translation studies Zsuzsanna Gahse experimental literature
Rok wydania:2014
Liczba stron:21 (173-193)


This essay sketches in broad outline the literary work of the German-language author Zsuzsanna Gahse, which is characterized by a variety of linguistic and formal experiments, particular attention being paid to her activity as a translator of Hungarian literature. At the centre of the discussion is Gahse’s literary portrait Translated. A Disunity, in which she reflects on writing and translating, but also takes as a theme her ‘disunity’ between literature and the graphic arts. Gahse found a way out of this ‘disunity’ by blurring the distinctions between different languages, media, genres and cultures in her works, by mediating in various ways between them and by ‘transferring’ them, for translating – as she always emphasizes – means very much more than simply mediating between two languages.
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