Przegląd Zachodniopomorski

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Reviewing rules

Rules about reviewing publications in «West Pomeranian Review»:

  1. To each publication there are at least two independent reviewers appointed from outside the Szczecin University.
  2. In case of texts written in a foreign language at least one of the reviewers will be affiliated to a foreign institution of the national status different from the author’s.
  3. Authors and reviewers do not know each other (double-blind review process).
  4. In other cases reviewers have to sign a declaration on the absence of conflict of interest, i.e. between reviewers and authores:
    1. there is no direct relation (kinship, legal relations, conflict);
    2. there is no professional subordination;
    3. there had been no direct academic co-operation for up to two years before writing the review.
  5. Reviews are in written form and are concluded with an unambiguous verdict, either to accept the article for publication or to reject it.
  6. The rules of qualifying articles for being accepted or rejected are always made public in each issue of the Journal.
  7. The surnames of reviewers of particular articles are not revealed. Only once a year the list of all the reviewers is made public on the Journal’s website.