Przegląd Zachodniopomorski

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«West Pomeranian Review» is a yearbook (to 2020 - quarterly) that has been published in Szczecin, Poland since 1963. Its predecessor was the monthly – later the bimonthly – «Szczecin», published in the title city since 1957. The first editor-in-chief of the Journal was professor Henryk Lesiński (1962-1985). The articles published in the Journal deal with questions from the sphere of history, demography, economics, political science, sociology, and Polish-German relations within the area of West Pomerania and the adjacent territories.

«West Pomeranian Review» is divided into the following sections: Articles, Materials, Reviews, Surveys, and Reminiscences. The achievements of «West Pomeranian Review» are really remarkable: hundreds of articles concerning both the history and the present time of West Pomerania. Some of the issues were monographic: historical, economic or sociological. Some of the issues were devoted to the present-day socio-economic questions and the history of some counties (Stargard Szczeciński, Kamień Pomorski, Gryfice, Kołobrzeg), as well as some selected large manufacturing companies. There were also bulletins that included conference proceedings or dealt with distinguished representatives of the Szczecin academic milieu.

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