Pedagogika Szkoły Wyższej

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Issue archive / 1/2013
Niż demograficzny w szkolnictwie wyższym – konsekwencje i proponowane sposoby przeciwdziałania niekorzystnym tendencjom
(Demographic depression in the higher education in Poland and proposals of the counteraction for its effects in the light of the amendment of the higher education law)

Authors: Jacek Stachowicz
Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach
Keywords: demographic depression in the higher education the higher education law qualityin the higher education
Year of publication:2013
Page range:12 (63-74)


The paper presents proposals of amendments in the higher education law which are supposed to counteract the effects of the population decline. In general, new statutory records enhance competition mechanisms in higher education institutions in the area of the education quality. Some of the suggested solutions serve as a students’ safeguard against the poor quality of education so they are of preventive character.
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