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Issue archive / 1/2015
Electronic resource “Electrotechnics” as a tool of students’ educational activity management

Authors: Valentina Shvets
National Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine
Keywords: electronic resource electrotechnics distance education management of educational activity
Year of publication:2015
Page range:11 (107-117)
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The variety of the ways to manage educational activities of studentscharacterizes the present state of the educational thought development.According to the different authors’ propositions there are the followingmethods of this aim achievement: the structuring of educational information,the new forms of knowledge representation, the programmingof training activities, and different types of educational assessment.The electronic resource “Electrotechnics with Fundamental of IndustryElectronics” uses new methods for management of the students’ trainingactivities, such as hard feedback technology, a new form of didactic system,new ways of interaction between theoretical and practical materialin laboratory work. This electronic resource has been created on basis ofa teaching of the electrotechnics in Poland.The electronic resource developed and implemented a number ofimportant didactic principles: the principle of scientificity of knowledgeis implemented through actualized information about the methods ofa current measuring, description of a modern point of light sources andmodern magnetic materials; the principle of visibility was implementedthrough the introduction of links to online video resources; the principleof differentiation of learning has been implemented with a special form offeedback between students and the educational system – the proposeddifferentiation consist in the ways of the problem solving and not in thedifferentiation of the subject complexity, as previously. Thus, the use ofthe MOODLE platform with additional programming modules allows creationof a new type of electronic resource for distance learning.