Opuscula Sociologica

Wcześniej: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Studia Sociologica

ISSN: 2299-9000     eISSN: 2353-2882     DOI: 10.18276/os
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Journal Opuscula Sociologica (ISSN 2299-9000) follows on from Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego Studia Sociologica, edited since 1990 on initiative of Ludwik Janiszewski, their first editor-in-chief. Since 2012 the journal has been published under the title Opuscula Sociologica, and since 2013 it has run as quarterly.
The current editor-in-chief is Irena Machaj.

In Opuscula Sociologica there is a space for articles representing many sociological domains, such as sociology of work, economics, politics, culture, knowledge, religion, education, youth, health, borderland, migrations, urban, rural, or regional sociology, as well as social psychology. Nevertheless the journal is of sociological character, it is also open for authors representing scientific realms situated in the vicinity of sociology, like pedagogy, ethnology, political science, history, philosophy, economy, or psychology.

We invite for publishing in 2016 issues. Opuscula Sociologica is listed at Ministry of Science and Higher Education scientic journals list with the score of 7 points.

Irena Machaj
Anna Królikowska