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Issue archive / nr 2/2014
Partie polityczne i ich elektoraty wobec kwestii nowelizacji ustawy antyaborcyjnej w Polsce (2007–2011)
(Political parties and their electorates to the issue of anti-abortion act amendment in Poland (2007–2011))

Authors: Krzysztof Kowalczyk
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Keywords: political parties electorates anti-abortion legislation Catholic Church
Year of publication:2014
Page range:11 (19-29)


The paper analyses the public debate on the scope of the anti-abortion legislation in 2007–2011, regarding it as one of the elements of the socio-political split-up into religiosity and secularity. The article is specially focused on the stance of political parties concerning their declared values (political and election programmes) and real actions (such as bills), as well as their electorates. Also, different stances of the Polish public opinion on abortion as well as the interference of the Catholic Church, i.e., of the Polish Episcopal Conference and individual bishops, into the process of changing the anti-abortion legislation are described.
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