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ISSN: 0867-647X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/nk.2017.39-03
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Lista wydań / 39 rok 2017
Rewolucja bezpodmiotowa a filozofia stanu wyjątkowego

Autorzy: Tymoteusz Kochan
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Słowa kluczowe: teoria rewolucji stan wyjątkowy Rudi Dutschke SDS Herbert Marcuse późny kapitalizm marksizm nierewolucyjny proletariat E.J. Batalow
Rok wydania:2017
Liczba stron:15 (59-73)
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In this paper I try to describe the theory of creating the revolution as proposed by Rudi Dutschke and leftist german student’s organisation called SDS. The main objective of the that strategy was to organize direct actions aimed at antagonizing the society and providing the working class with an example of capitalism’s cruelty. The goal was to force the capitalism to create an inside state of emergency so the proletariat turns against the now evil and oppressive system. The history ultimately verified this plan and proved it’s ineffectiveness – but the state of emergency politics proved to be an efficient method of destroying the solidarity of the international working class. In a later section of the article i describe the criticism formulated against the Dutschke’s and Marcuse’s theory as presented by marxism-leninism of the Seventies. Following is my statement that both parties of philosophers underestimated the capitalism itself and the factor of global capitalist culture which provides the western proletariat with an idea that their (imperialist) capitalism is the ultimate way of achieving well-being. Thus I try to explain why the Global North isn’t interested in revolution and the policies of revolutionary socialism.
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