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ISSN: 0867-647X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/nk.2017.38-05
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Lista wydań / 38 rok 2017
Amerykański Światowid. Cztery oblicza kompleksu militarno-przemysłowo-medialnego

Autorzy: Sławomir Czapnik
Słowa kluczowe: military mass media imperialism American Sniper (film)
Rok wydania:2017
Liczba stron:24 (115-138)
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Svetovid is a Slavic four-headed god, which could be a metaphor of American militaryindustrial-media complex. Aim of this article is to analyze four main dimensions of mentioned above complex. First, probably the most obvious face of the complex are military interventions abroad, especially after World War II in the Greater Middle East. Second face is a wasteful character of the military spending, inefficiency of the military and corporate bureaucracies. Third element is presence of the militarism in the society, especially in American schools, which becomes vehicles for the army recruitment process. Last face of the military-industrial-media complex is a cultural one, epitomized by the film directed by Clint Eastwood, American sniper. In conclusion author describes some contradictions deeply embedded in American militarism.
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