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ISSN: 2449-7339    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/me.2016.1-02
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Lista wydań / nr 1 (4) 2016
Życie polityczne państwa Osmanów w Przeważnej legacyi Samuela Twardowskiego

Autorzy: Alexandra Żagan
Uniwersytet Śląski
Słowa kluczowe: Samuel Twardowski Przeważna legacyja obyczaje tureckie Imperium Osmańskie
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:19 (15-33)
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The research focuses on the description of the political life in the Ottoman Empire as depicted in Samuel Twardowski’s “The Important Mission’’. The analysis revolves around the mattersof the state which include the political culture, customs, diplomatic ceremonies, the military, and a general assessment of governance. Apart from explaining how the poet viewed the exotic reality and what were the purposes of the described matters, the goal of the paper is to de€fine “The Important Mission’’ readers’ knowledge about the Ottoman Empire.
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