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Issue archive / 5/2017 (89) cz. 1
Szacowanie efektywności ekonomicznej na przykładzie oddziałów banku

Authors: Jacek Barburski
Keywords: econometric methods traditional methods profit function revenue function economic efficiency
Year of publication:2017
Page range:20 (11-30)
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Abstract: The main aim of this paper is to assess the economic efficiency of the selected branches of the commercial bank with the use of traditional methods and selected econometric methods. The main objective will be achieved through two sub-goals. The first of them will be to measure the economic efficiency with the use of appropriately selected indicators. The second fragmentary purpose will be to make measurement of the cost-effectiveness of these branches using stochastic frontier model alternative specified respectively: revenues and profits. To measure the effectiveness of deliberately used alternative concepts of stochastic boundary models due to the accepted assumptions about the economy conditions imperfect. The constructed research hypothesis which will be an object of the verification is following: between used in studies with traditional methods and econometric assessment of the effectiveness of branches of the bank should expect large compliance results. In summary, the correlation analysis was made of the results obtained in the evaluation of economic efficiency analysed.
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