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Issue archive / 1/2016 (79)
Marka a wartość przedsiębiorstwa na przykładzie polskich spółek giełdowych
(Brand Vs. Company Value for Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange)

Authors: Grzegorz Urbanek
Keywords: panel analysis price to book value ratio market capitalization brand strength brand value brand
Year of publication:2016
Page range:10 (339-348)
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The notion that a strong brand is a key resource of a company, which may significantly contribute to the company value is gaining growing acceptance among scholars and business practitioners. The subject literature describes many results of studies which empirically confirm the relationships between global brands and the financial performance of companies. However, the evidence of such relationships for Polish local brands is rather scarce. This article presents the results of research on the contribution of local brands value and brand strength on capitalization and price to book value ratio of companies listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw. Theoretical deliberations on the impact of the brand on company value have been empirically confirmed in the course of conducted research.
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