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Lista wydań / t. 28 2016
Rola mediów w propagowaniu turystyki i rekreacji

Autorzy: Marlena Prochorowicz
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:12 (291-302)
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Increased interest in tourist trips in recent years intensified. Rest often we associate with going outside the residence, and finding good deals, sometimes requires contact with a representative of a travel agency, family, friends, look for deals in the directory. It happens that after watching TV or listening to radio ads reflect on the choice of the proposed offer. Currently, a large role is played by the local media, but also electronic media, including social media. The article presents the role of the media in promoting tourism and recreation, and also pointed out the portals of magazines thematically related to the tourist industry. Translated by Marlena Prochorowicz
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