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Lista wydań / t. 28 2016
Potencjał turystyczny i rekreacyjny gminy Cedynia

Autorzy: Agnieszka Mąkosza

Estera Tarasewicz
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:16 (199-214)
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This document describes existing natural and anthropogenic qualities of a border commune of Cedynia, located within Gryfino county in West Pomeranian voivodship. A quality of tourist infrastructure in this area has also been analysed and on the basis of those results a possibility of the growth of short-term tourism (mainly sightseeing tours) has been assessed. The purpose and the final effect of those analyses is a proposal of a tourist product, in this case the cross-border tourist trail, which exploits the proved qualities of the area and links the tourist’s attractions of the region with the border German terrain. The results of this extracting shows how attractive the Cedynia commune is from the natural point of view. The Cedynski Landscape Park, Natura 2000 and Odra River make 60% of the commune’s area a very beneficial for the growth of the shortterm tourism. From the anthropogenic point of view, only 5% of the commune’s area is classed as very beneficial and it mainly is a built-up area. Also the tourist infrastructure has only been located in two main centres – Cedynia and Osinow Dolny. The results of the optimization show that in total there is 90% of the very beneficial and beneficial areas in the Cedynia commune. Also on the basis of the short, general characteristic of the most interesting places and existing trails on the German’s side of the border, an idea of creating the border tourist trail has been proposed. The main purpose of this trail is the growth and expansion of tourism in the Cedynia commune and also an advertisement of Cedynia commune as an important place on the tourist map in the border area. Translated by Agnieszka Mąkosza
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