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Lista wydań / t. 25 2015
Umiejętności i kwalifikacje pracowników jako potencjał innowacyjności gospodarek

Autorzy: Grażyna Węgrzyn
Słowa kluczowe: skills and qualifications employment structure innovation potential EU
Rok wydania:2015
Liczba stron:13 (449-461)
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The study objective was to identify the differences in workers’ qualifications and in skills demand in relation to the innovation level of economies. The methods applied include the comparative analysis of the economies’ potential consisting in the qualifications and skills of workers and the innovation level. The analysis covered the EU member countries during the years of 2008–2013. In the national economies characterized by high levels of innovation, the employment structure is predominated by specialists and technicians. With their high level of professional knowledge and experience, the specialists enhance, through research and creativity, the current state of knowledge. The technicians and other medium-level staff, on the other hand, are responsible for the smooth implementation and application of new and innovative concepts and methods of operation. Within the innovative economies of today, most new jobs are created in the employee group of specialists. Companies most frequently use the skills of their own employees and those obtained from outside to create websites and software.
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