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Lista wydań / t. 25 2015
Refleksje nad teorią płacy motywacyjnej

Autorzy: Mariusz Nyk
Słowa kluczowe: incentive pay work output labours cost employment
Rok wydania:2015
Liczba stron:13 (319-331)
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On land of changes which arose in several dozen last years in Poland in the area of pays a theory of the effective pay is relatively often stressed. This theory allows to find the answer to a question – why don’t employers want to increase the profit as a result of the wage cut for the work? In order to draw up indicating possible gaps between theory and practice to the being in the forming of pays in the business sector in the context is of theory of the effective pay. For the achievement of the objective presented reports stayed between real work output, real labours cost, staffing level and the amount of real wages.
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