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Lista wydań / t. 25 2015
Społeczna gospodarka rynkowa a poszukiwanie optymalnego ładu gospodarczego

Autorzy: Maciej Miszewski
Słowa kluczowe: Social Market Economy institutional order ethical values implementation’s possibilities of Social Market Economy
Rok wydania:2015
Liczba stron:10 (271-280)
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More and more common criticism of current capitalistic order of market economy causes a need to look for alternative order’s concept, which is based on different, than neoliberal, paradigm. There is the most common proposition in this context – Social Market Economy. The author critically analyses this concept, comparing its solutions to existing economic model, which is based on main stream of Economics. He points at essential weaknesses of ordoliberal model which make its practical implementation difficult. The author also undertakes the problem of barriers blocking this implementation, which are connected with political conditionings, globalisation and its consequences.
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