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Lista wydań / t. 25 2015
Podejście sieciowe w procesie internacjonalizacji polskich przedsiębiorstw

Autorzy: Agnieszka Kłysik-Uryszek

Anetta Kuna-Marszałek
Słowa kluczowe: network approach OFDI investments of Polish enterprises
Rok wydania:2015
Liczba stron:18 (125-142)
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The aim of the article was to verify the network model of internationalization on the example of Polish outward foreign direct investment. Conducted study (based on CSO data) confirms the assumption of stronger position of enterprises belonging to groups of companies, however, it is difficult to see a wider range of behaviors characteristic of network expansion strategy. Polish investors are reluctant to start a cooperation with others, treating joint ventures projects rather as a remedy for the risk resulting from the lack knowledge of the target market, than as a way to gain some additional advantages and improve global efficiency. Investment projects were focused primarily on the acquisition of new markets, rather than vertical integration of the value creation process in a globally active network
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