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ISSN: 1428-278X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/er.2018.35-03
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Issue archive / t. 35 2018
European Electronic Toll Service jako narzędzie interoperacyjności systemów poboru opłat drogowych w Unii Europejskiej
(European Electronic Toll Service as a tool of interoperabiity of the toll road systems in the European Union)

Authors: Sylwia Kowalska
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Keywords: EETS toll roads interoperability
Year of publication:2018
Page range:10 (33-42)
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The development of information technologies has allowed the replacement of manual toll roads payments with electronic toll collection systems. The process of their introduction in Europe has began in the nineties, and currently operates in most of countries of the European Union. The next step is to integrate systems in such a way that the user can use one on-board unit, one user account, and one invoice. Interoperability that would allow for closer integration of the EU area within road toll systems, was presented with the help of the European electronic toll service. The subject of the article was presentation of the essence and principles of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) that should improve transport processes in domestic and international transport. Through a critical analysis of literature and document research in the background of the interoperability of the toll roads in EU the issue of the European Electronic Toll Service, mechanisms of its operation, as well as aspects of its implementation in the EU countries will be presented. On the basis of research carried out by the European Commission have been made an analysis of the factors that may have an impact on the limited use of the service. It has been made an attempt to identify the reasons for the low popularity of the service.
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