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Issue archive / t. 32 2017
Opłaty drogowe jako instrument internalizacji kosztów zewnętrznych transportu
(Toll Roads as an instrument of internalisation of external transport costs)

Authors: Sylwia Kowalska
Wydział Zarządzania i Ekonomiki Usług
Keywords: external effects internalisation Toll Roads European Union politics
Year of publication:2017
Page range:10 (31-40)
Klasyfikacja JEL: R41
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Road transport causes negative effects as costs that are bear by society, environment and economy. One of the biggest problem is significant increase of CO2 emission in EU countries. Moreover increased traffic affects the deterioration of road infrastructure. Transport policy of European Union maintains that those costs should be included into the polluters account according to „user pays” and „polluter pays” rules. Efficient system of road charging could become more relevant instrument used for internalization of external transport costs. To achieve that goal toll roads should not in the first place, be charged by the time of travel (vignettes), because it discriminates against foreign drivers as well as users that rarely use cars. In Poland electronic toll system became an instrument of internalization of external costs on the 1st of July 2011. From that moment it enforces users to cover losses generated by them associated with negative external effects. An attempt was made to make an assessment if toll roads became efficient incentive for road hauliers to take into account the external costs of road transport during the transport decision making process. Important factor of internalization of external effects process is legislative system of European Union that affects the choice of instruments for internalising external costs as well as their scope. Road Tolls are a valuable toll in this field as a toll for creating the expected behaviour of road users.
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