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Issue archive / nr 3 (31) 2015
Factors Affecting the Development of Catering Enterprises in Poland

Year of publication:2015
Page range:14 (207-220)
Keywords: management catering enterprises restaurants tourism development factors
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Authors: Edyta Gheribi
University of Łódź


In the European Union, including Poland, catering services are the largest industry in the hospitality sector. In today’s world, catering companies play an important role in meeting the changing nutritional needs of consumers. The industry of catering services generates the largest part of added value and the majority of jobs in the hospitality sector. The development of catering services is undoubtedly related to the social and economic changes taking place in recent years in our country. This phenomenon is related to both the rich and the poor, because the offer is diverse catering companies. The research hypothesis is that the development of catering enterprises is unequal across the regions of Poland, and various factors having different correlative interrelations affect it. The research aim is to investigate the factors affecting the development of catering enterprises in Poland. The geographic distribution of catering enterprises into the regions of Poland is uneven: the highest concentration of enterprises is in Mazovia Province. In the period of 2000-2013, the number of catering enterprises has increased in most provinces. In the coming years will continue to develop possibility of increasing the efficiency of the market participants, as evidenced by both macroeconomic and microeconomic indicators.
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