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Lista wydań / Vol. 27/2, 3/2018
Boosting innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Regions for young entrepreneurs – regional perspective of entrepreneurship

Autorzy: Monika Tomczyk
University of Szczecin, Faculty of Management and Economics of Services

Monika Spychalska-Wojtkiewicz
University of Szczecin, Faculty of Management and Economics of Services
Słowa kluczowe: entrepreneurship innovative ecosystem regional development European founds Europe
Rok wydania:2018
Liczba stron:6 (499-504)
Klasyfikacja JEL: E02 F63 L21 L26
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From 2016 till 2020 iEER project partners will learn from each other to build better services and regional policies in order to support startups. The project aims to break down silo mentality and bring together all actors having a hand in entrepreneurial success. Universities, local and regional authorities, entrepreneurship support organisations and SMEs are closely involved in the project both on the local and interregional levels. International studies on macro and micro level are conducted as well as analyses of the regional context of ecosystems supporting the entrepreneurship. Individual perspective of startups and small companies is taking to the account. The article describes practical aspects related to the support of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which is an additional asset. The research method itself is a method of classical data analysis (desk research) and case studies, but the description of idea how to boost youth entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship ecosystem itself is a new approach. Results of the iEER project analyses are presented in article, as well as comparative study of Westpomerania Region to other regions in Europe.
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