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Lista wydań / Vol. 28/1, 4/2018
Innovation in counteracting insurance fraud

Autorzy: Anna Bera
Słowa kluczowe: insurance insurance fraud instruments for countering
Rok wydania:2018
Liczba stron:7 (15-21)
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The subject of this article are insurance crime and instruments to counteract them. Insurance fraud covers both criminal offenses and economic crimes, whose common feature is that they infringe the interests of the insurance sector, regardless of their source. Only in the U.S. and UK alone, the losses resulting from insurance frauds are run in billions. Insurance fraud is a complex phenomenon with complicated phenomenology and etiology. The study focuses on innovative instruments for counteracting insurance fraud. The research process required the application of the following research methods and techniques: literary critical analysis, desk research method, observation, qualitative methods, and techniques of graphic presentation of the research results.
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