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Issue archive / Vol. 27/2, 3/2018
The scope of project management in service companies

Authors: Monika Spychalska-Wojtkiewicz
University of Szczecin, Faculty of Management and Economics of Services
Keywords: project management service enterprises innovation SME sector PCM PMO
Year of publication:2018
Page range:5 (403-407)
Klasyfikacja JEL: M20 M29 O22 O31
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Project management is an extremely valuable tool supporting the implementation of particularly innovative ideas. Nevertheless, there are relatively few data on the sectoral conditions for the application of project management. While there are sectoral conditions for the implementation of innovations, there may be a sectoral determinant of the application of project management. Article raises the question of scope of project management in service companies, is it different than for example in technologically-oriented enterprises and focused on material production. The goal is to describe way of application of project management in service companies. To verify the above issues the desk research analysis and focus groups analysis has been used.
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