Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Lista wydań / Vol. 6, No. 2/2014

Rok wydania: 2014

Spis Treści / Artykuły

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Reliability and Validity of New Tests on Agility and Skill for Children Soccer Players

8 (5-12) Erkan DEMİRKAN, Mehmet Kutlu, Hakan YAPICI, Abdullah Yılmaz Więcej

Influence of Sex on the Acute Effect of Stretching on V Sit-and-Reach Scores in University Students

7 (13-19) Daniel Mayorga-Vega, Rafael Merino-Marban, Daiana P. Romano Więcej

Control and Correction of Horse Rider's Body Posture

13 (21-33) Dorota Ambroży, Mirosław Mrozkowiak Więcej

Criteria of Athlete Neuromuscular System Reserve Capacities during Performance of Speed-Strength Work

9 (35-43) Jan Jashchanin, Oleksandr Pryimakov, Aleksandr Shchegolkov Więcej

The Evaluation of Motor Skills of 1–4 Grade Music-oriented Male Students in Primary School Complex No. 2 in Szczecin

14 (45-58) Paweł Eider, Krzysztof Wilk Więcej

Subjective vs Objective Evaluation of Knee Stability in Patients before and after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

8 (59-66) Joanna Ficek, Krzysztof Ficek, Grzegorz Juras, Dawid Pawlak, Aleksandra Wysota Więcej

The Year of Study and the Physical Activity of Students of Selected Fields of Study at the State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska

9 (67-75) Barbara Bergier, Józef Bergier, Ewelina Niźnikowska Więcej

Effects of Physical Exercise on the Motility of Hands in Patients Operated because of Dupuytren's Contracture in Own Material

7 (77-83) Anna Deskur, Zbigniew Deskur, Maciej Zawadzki Więcej

Intermittent Resistance Exercise: Evolution from the Steady State

7 (85-91) Christopher B. Scott Więcej

The Significance of Swimming and Corrective Exercises in Water in Treatment of Postural Deficits and Scoliosis

9 (93-101) Jerzy Eider, Wioletta Łubkowska, Małgorzata Paczyńska-Jędrycka Więcej

The Level of Trainers' Emotional Competence, Sense of Common Purpose and Engagement in its Implementation, and the Impact on the Quality of Relationship with Players in Individual Sports

9 (103-111) Katarzyna Marika Skwarek Więcej