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Issue archive / 1/2014 (27)
Postbürgerliche Parteiprogramme
(Ethnic party programs in a post-bourgeois age)

Authors: Joachim von Wedel
Instytut Politologii i Europeistyki, Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Keywords: ethnic minority party, party program, postmodernism, flexible individ
Year of publication:2014
Page range:13 (5-17)


The article discusses newer tendencies in the programs of ethnic minority parties, e.g. the Frisians, the Sorbs or the South Tyroleans, insofar, as those tendencies cannot – asa large part of the respective program texts – be explained as an expression of a defensive policy heading at group identity perservation. These unconventional parts of the program text can, on the other hand, be explained as a result of three shifts: a) from the collective to the individual, b) from the people to the region, and c) from time to space. These shifts are explained by refering to the epochal transition from a subject with an rounded, well developed identity to a flexible and multi-layered subject.


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