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Issue archive / 1/2020 (49)
Preventive diplomatic activities as a modified way of peaceful settlement of disputes at the beginning of the crisis in Yugoslavia

Authors: Marko Aćić
University of Business Studies Banja Luka
Keywords: peaceful settlement of disputes international organizations preventive diplomacy Yugoslavia
Year of publication:2020
Page range:11 (61-71)
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This paper will highlight, among other things, the most significant features of the peaceful set- tlement of disputes in international legal practice. In order to point out the connection between peaceful dispute resolution and preventive diplomacy, it will be necessary to point to certain theoretical views. Nevertheless, the early institutionalization of the holders of these activi- ties, as well as the prominent role of internal organs for maintaining international relations, in these or similar situations, over time, there have been certain changes caused primarily by the spread of influence in addition to the state, and to other entities of international law. It is the emergence of international organizations that modifies both the holders and the activities available to them, all with a view to preventing conflict. Using a comparative and historical method, we will try to point out, on a specific example, analyzing the crisis in the former Yugoslavia, that some of the traditional peace-diplomatic means have been transformed into preventive diplomatic activities and what peculiarities did they contain. A particular example will point out their weaknesses as well as the consequences they have caused for the legal, and economic and other systems of the former Yugoslavia.
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