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Lista wydań / 2/2020 (30)

Rok wydania: 2020

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Spis Treści / Artykuły

# Tytuł Liczba stron Autorzy Akcje

Limitation of constitutional guarantees of cultural rights at the time of pandemic

16 (5-20) Michał Beer Więcej

Refusal to adjournment a hearing due to the defender’s disease vs. execution of the right of defence – comments on Article 378a § 1 of the Polish Code of Criminal Procedure

14 (21-34) Michał Ignasiak Więcej

Cotroversy regarding statutory circumstances that affect judicial sentencing either in a principally aggravating or mitigating manner. Deliberations against the background of the regulation of Article 53(2) of the Polish Criminal Code

12 (35-46) Agnieszka Kania-Chramęga Więcej

Defeating automotive security systems and exploiting rules of law as modi operandi of car thieves

14 (47-60) Marcin Krzysztof Konieczny Więcej

Relation between the injured party being under the influence of alcohol and the liability of the perpetrator due to the crimes under Article 197 of the Polish Criminal Code and Article 198 of the Polish Criminal Code

12 (61-72) Justyna Matynia-Kłos Więcej

Plans of protection tasks for Natura 2000 areas and local spatial policy

16 (73-88) Maciej J. Nowak, Paulina Legutko-Kobus Więcej

Scope of application of the general rule in the Rome II regulation

18 (89-106) Magdalena Wasylkowska-Michór Więcej

Essay on the manner of understanding truth in criminal proceedings

11 (107-117) Małgorzata Żbikowska Więcej