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Issue archive / 1/2017 (17)
Critical Race Theory jako nurt amerykańskiej filozofii prawa
(Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the American criticism of the philosophy of the law)

Authors: Michał Peno
Keywords: Critical Race Theory Postmodern philosophy American criticism of the philosophy of the law Philosophy of law
Year of publication:2017
Page range:18 (59-76)
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The article briefly characterises the Critical Race Theory (CRT) within the context of American criticism of the philosophy of the law, which can be subsumed under the postmodern philosophy of the law. The paper outlines the sources, history and roots of CRT as stemming from the critical philosophy tradition of the Frankfurt School as well as the Critical Legal Studies movement (CLS). Although CRT is alien to Polish school of law philosophy (which tends towards the analytical and the positivistic) and concerns issues that go unnoticed in Poland, the openness and the narrative approach of the proponents of CRT in law philosophy might be indicative of how philosophy can affect (and how strongly) the practice of law, which currently seems to be lacking in Polish legal reality.
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